A New You in the New Year

A New You in the New Year

A New You in the New Year

At this late time of year,  I often hear people state that they can’t wait for the year to be over or that 2017 was their most horrible or stressful year.   But what if it didn’t have to be like this?   What if you could do something for yourself and ensure that you had a wonderful 2018, leaving all your worries, fears and negative feelings in the past?  Wouldn’t that be nice?

As human beings, I truly believe we have just got used to feeling bad more than we  should!  Yes, we have times when we enjoy ourselves and have fun ( e.g holidays!) but for the majority of time, we just keep feeling and repeating the same old fears, negative beliefs and hurtful criticisms about ourselves.  We still feel guilty,  resentment towards ourselves (and others ) and we keep telling the same old stories about our lives, year in, year out.

We actually repeat around 95% of our negative thoughts each day so it is no surprise to me that we just keep experiencing the same old experiences and situations!

It really doesn’t need to be so hard!

What if you could let go of your harsh words towards yourself,  let go of old fears, behaviours, self sabotaging patterns and negative emotions? What if you could give up being a people pleaser, doormat, feeling second best, feeling inferior,  low self esteem and low confidence?   Just feel how good it would feel to let all of this go and gain relief from all those negative emotions you have been carrying around for years or even decades?

It is possible and it is easy!

I am not splurging some sales pitch, it really is much easier than you think.  It doesn’t also matter what negative feelings you have been dragging around for years,  you can feel better easily.  Imagine how good that would feel?

In fact, the majority of my clients feel relief after only 1 session.  That is why I don’t tie people into long coaching programs or insist you have a certain amount of sessions.  You can choose to have just one or as many sessions as you like.   However, the truth is, you won’t need that many as it is easier that you think!   Why not check out my testimonial page here

I use leading edge techniques in my Sydney Life and Confidence Coaching practice  so you will find my work is different from that of other Life Coaches.   I also have 18 years experience and will work with you in a simple and quick way to embed change and have you feeling relief from old negative experiences and thoughts.

A new You in the New Year – 10% discount offer

As a special offer to the subscribers of the Amazing Coaching newsletter, I am offering all new clients a 10% discount on all Phone or Skype coachingA new you in the new year sessions booked in January.   Just email me at [email protected] or [email protected] and we can chat further. I will also offer you a fee 15 minute phone consultation where you can ask any questions that you may have or find out how I can help you create a new you in the new year.



Lisa Phillips is an award winning Sydney Life and Confidence Coach.  She is also the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach’ ( Exile 2015).  To find out more about Lisa’s work, please see www.amazingcoaching.com.au 






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