A New You Each Day.

Each morning when you wake up, not only is it a new day, but it is also a brand new you each day! Although you may look exactly the same on the outside – your point of attraction or vibration, is in a new ‘set point’ ready for you to attract what you want (or what you don’t want!) Many of us know about the Law of Attraction and the fact ‘that which is like itself is drawn’.

What this means is that each and every morning you wake up, you have the choice to keep on attracting what you have been attracting, or you can start afresh each day with new thoughts, new vibrations and a new ‘vibrational set point’.

The majority of us wake up each day and just reply yesterdays thoughts, past beliefs and past experiences. Many of these are just on default and we simply just keep repeating the same old thoughts every day. As a result of the law of attraction, we just keep attracting the same old stuff into our lives.

However, what if each morning you decided that this not only was a new day – but a new you each day!  To be honest, the universe doesn’t care less what happened to you yesterday, it doesn’t care about your past, your failed relationships, your failed businesses or your low self esteem, it is actually only responding to your point of attraction right now!

What does this mean for me?

It basically means that if you want to change your life, increase your confidence, become happier or create anything in your life including abundance, happiness, freedom then you need to pay more attention to your point of attraction RIGHT NOW, rather than focussing on what has happened in the past!

It sounds simplistic but why keep yourself in a negative pattern if you don’t need to?

It takes Focus 

Each morning I remind myself that this is a new day, full of new opportunities and it is senseless just to keep thinking about the past, old hurts or old negative emotions. Instead, I make a clear intention that today, I am going to focus on my current point of attraction and focus on things that feel good to me. Each morning I make the effort to find soothing words and emotions that make me feel good – not bad! For example, rather than focussing on the lack of money in your life, start to find words that create a new reality or new point of attraction.

You could use words and phrases such as, ‘This will pass’ or, ‘ I would like to change my point of attraction about money and start to feel better about my financial situation’.

The idea is to soothe yourself into a new point of attraction. You may find this a bit difficult at first but don’t give up. In time, you will have a new default point of attraction on any topic you desire.

Lisa Phillips is a Sydney based public speaker, confidence coach and author of The Confidence Coach Book. To find out more about Lisa, please see www.amazingcoaching.com.au