2 - Let it go

Do you worry about everything?

One of the most common topics I come across as a Confidence Coach is that we all worry too much!  A little worrying is natural but some people make a rather bad habit of it and end up worrying about anything and everything. Some people think it almost their job in life to worry!

Worrying is never useful and it does not add anything positive to your life.  In fact, too much worrying robs us of our confidence, fills our minds with fear and leaves us feeling stressed and anxious.

Have you realized that the more time you spend worrying, the larger your worries seem to grow? Many people then even worry about all the time they have spent worrying!

We worry about the future, the present and things which happened years ago. We worry about being judged, making a mistake and what other people think about us. Let it go!

Here are 5 of my top tips for releasing worries:

  1. Start a worry journal! –  Whenever you feel a worry coming on, take the time to write your worries down.   This is particularly useful to do last thing a night – particularly if you are one of those people who lies awake at night worrying!
  2. Allow yourself to worry – At the same time each day, allow yourself 20 mins each day to worry about things and then STOP.  Write this worry time in your diary ( say 6pm every day) and only allow yourself this 20 minutes of worry time.
  3. Replace fear with faith – Remind yourself that everything really will be ok.  It may not feel like it right now but things will work out.
  4. Stop worrying about other people – Allow them to make their own mistakes in life.
  5. Let Go. Most things in life are out of your direct control so let go of trying to fix things and let the universe sort them out naturally in its own time.

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