Who do you hire when you need some Help?

If you have a leak you call a plumber, or if your car won’t start you call a mechanic.  But who do you call when your life is not working out as planned or your emotions could do with a service?

I find it crazy that we spend hundreds of dollars on our cars, holidays and even shoes but we won’t spend money on our own inner happiness and wellbeing! In addition, many of us will struggle with negative emotions, fears and reoccurring problems for years  rather than doing ourselves  a life changing favour and  reaching out for help and support.

Here are 5 ways a Life Coach can help you:

Well…what I mean is here are 5 ways that I can help you!

  1. I am an expert in identifying patterns which may be keeping you stuck, frustrated or unhappy etc etc! These are often ‘ lightbulb’ moments for many of my Sydney Life Coaching clients as they finally realise why they are feeling like they do.    There is no judgement here – it just means once we identify a pattern, I share my 20 years experience with you to make sure you move into more healthier behaviours which are aligned with the true authentic you.
  2. I will keep you accountable to embed your new changes – making sure we gain ‘ positive momentum‘ so new behaviours and habits are embedded easily!
  3. I will help you identify what beliefs, thoughts, programming and self talk is currently creating the life you are living.  We can then look at what needs to be done for you to ‘ bridge the gap from where you are, to where you really want to be’ 
  4. I will help you free yourself of old unconscious patterns, stress, need for approval, worrying, lack of self esteem and confidence. I will also make sure you feel good about yourself so your life flows downstream! This means feeling deserving, good enough, important and worthy.  ( This is when all the magic like the law of attraction kicks in!)
  5. I can help you solve any issues or problems you are currently encountering in your life in just one or two sessions.

There is more….

The fact is,  there are not just 5 ways a Life Coach can help you – there are literally thousands of ways! Remember, each one of us is unique  and come with our own set of programming, patterns, problems and issues.  However, I will  lift you by believing in you.  This belief will come through in the  positive, possibility-oriented, future-focused questions that I will ask.

Just imagine how good it would feel to approach all your challenges from a place of confidence, satisfaction and self-approval? Just imagine how good it will feel to wake up each morning knowing that you are happy and contented with where you are in life and eager for more? 

Don’t just take my word for it – read some of my coaching testimonials here. 

With over 20 years experience,  Sydney Life Coach Lisa Phillips is the author of ‘The Confidence Coach’.  Her work as a Life Coach and Confidence expert is regularly featured in the media.    Why not email Lisa today for a no obligation chat to find out how she can help you?  For more information,  please see www.amazingcoaching.com.au or www.amazingcoaching.co.uk.

5 ways a Life Coach can help you