5 Signs you are in a Toxic Work Environment – Metro Magazine

I was recently asked to supply some expert comments for Metro Magazine on the Topic of what to do if you find yourself in a Toxic Work Environment.

Unfortunately,  as well as having first hand experience of this in my career, I am finding more and more clients are coming to me for Life and Confidence Coaching as they are learning to deal with bullies at work and toxic work environments.  Statistics also show that cases of harassment and bullying at work are on the increase as are the amount of Narcissists in our workplace!

Tips I offered in the article include:

 ‘Make sure you put your personal health and well-being before work. Care more about your own happiness.

‘Ask yourself, if you really cared about yourself and your happiness, would you stay in a job which makes you miserable? ‘

Change, accept and walk away – this is a technique I often use with clients. ‘Ask yourself, can I change this situation? For example can I speak to a manager or HR? ‘Can I accept this situation? Can I just accept it and carry on regardless? ‘Or do I need to walk away?

You can read the full article in Metro here.

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