Do you allow your Canoe to flow Upstream or Downstream?

When you woke up this morning, I want you to imagine that instead of getting out of bed, you got into a canoe on a beautiful flowing stream. This is your personal stream.   Every day when you wake up,  you have the choice whether to allow your canoe to flow upstream or downstream.

Now you need to start your day.

It is at this point that most of us end up taking our canoe upstream which can be a bit of a struggle! It is like we keep on using the oars but end up not getting very far and we feel exhausted at the end of the day.

The truth is that this stream is an emotional stream and most of us continue to struggle each day of our life upstream.   There is no wonder we often feel exhausted!

Upstream actually symbolises negative emotion.

In fact, upstream is any emotion including:
Beating yourself up
Criticising yourself
Anxiety etc

I like to call these  upstream emotions as they will never feel good to you.

What if you allowed your canoe to flow downstream?

What if each morning you made a choice to take your canoe downstream? How would that feel? Downstream symbolises  positive emotion.    This includes emotions such as :




Self Care



Upstream or Downstream?

We do have a choice each day how to feel.  We can choose upstream or downstream on any topic or situation in our life.  We can choose to feel upstream about our career, relationships or financial situation.  Or we can choose to feel downstream.  Those with confidence and resilience will often flow downstream.  However, those with fear, low self esteem or stress will often end up flowing upstream.

Downstream always feels better!

The truth is , downstream is where the law of attraction kicks in.  It is where we experience a happy and abundant life .  It is where we experience good health, good confidence and lots of positive emotions.  It is where change takes place and where we can improve our career, relationships and finances.  All the magic happens downstream!

Don’t forget to tune into next weeks blog for tips on how to flow downsteam.

Sydney Life Coach and Confidence Coach Lisa Phillips is the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach’.    Lisa is the founder of both Amazing Coaching AU and Amazing Coaching UK.    

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