Fancy a 14 day Self Esteem Challenge?

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The Love Destination

The Love Destination is a brand new app that is available on iTunes, android etc.   It is a handy app to have to tap into the worlds best experts on topics such as dating, relationships, confidence, love and much much more.   You can refer to the app at any time when you need a little boost or have a question you need an answer to.  There is even a great ‘ Ask an expert’ series.

Confidence expert and Life Coach Lisa Phillips is delighted to be part of The Love Destination.   She has filmed over 10 courses for the app.   Once of which is her 14  day self esteem challenge.

14 day Self Esteem Challenge

When you sign up to The Love Destination,   you get access to all 14 short videos presented by the award winning Life Coach and author of ‘ The Confidence Coach’.

Each video gives you simple actions to do each day to build up your self esteem.  The first video starts with a simple commitment to build your self esteem.  It also includes Lisa’s trademark explanation of why your confidence and self esteem is like a flowing stream, and what you can do to stop your canoe struggling upstream.

Tips included in the 14 day challenge include:

  1. Worrying what other people think
  2. Self Care
  3. Letting go of seeking approval from other people
  4. Focussing on what is right with you ( instead of what you think is wrong with you!)

Free 3o days access

You can view all the videos on The Love Destination for 7 days for free.   However, as a follower of Sydney Life Coach Lisa Phillips you can gain a free month by using the code LOVE3O.

The Love Destination 14 day self esteem challenge

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