Don’t fear feeling Uncomfortable

Don’t Fear Feeling Uncomfortable
Whenever we start to let go of old behaviours and implement new thought patterns and actions, whether it is learning to be assertive, asking for what we want or putting plans in place to look after our own needs, we are always going to go through a period of feeling  uncomfortable.

This uncomfortable feeling may arrive in your […]

How to Deal with Angry People

Whether it is at home, at work or even in the supermarket, we may all have to deal with angry people on occasion.

In this blog today, I will share with you some of my insights on feeling good inside, even when people around you are angry.
My Personal Experience.
I had an unpleasant experience last week where I was running a training […]

Achiever Mindset Summit – Free Pass

Achiever Mindset Summit – Free Pass
Are you still wondering what is standing between you and your goals?

Spoiler: In most cases, it’s probably yourself!

It’s so common to have analysis paralysis towards little details, and be distracted by what others expect of us. Often we continue to work ourselves even harder, but still end up playing small.

I am delighted to partner with […]

The Problem with Perfectionism

The Problem with Perfectionism
Are you always setting high expectations for yourself?  Although I acknowledge we all deserve to have what we want and feel good,  setting expectations for yourself which may be too high , can do your confidence more harm than good.  You see the problem with perfectionism is when you beat yourself up for not being good enough […]

The Confidence Muscle

The Confidence Muscle
We each have a unique definition of what confidence means to us.

For some, it is the ability to stand up in public and speak with ease, and for others, it may be simply walking into a crowded room without feeling awkward or blushing from head to toe. It also could be as basic as comfortably getting naked in […]

5 Tips about Confidence to Make you Think

5 Tips about Confidence to Make you Think
I am doing some radio this week with BBC Radio.    They invite a guest to come into the studio each week and record 5 x 1 minute recordings on the topic of their expertise.   The idea behind this concept is to make listeners stop for 1 minute a day and tune […]

What Positive Emotions do you want to Feel?

What Positive Emotions do you want to Feel?
Have you ever taken the time to focus on  what positive emotions you want to feel in your life?

Many of us dream about what we want in life, but have you deliberately focussed on what positive emotions do you wan to feel or how would you feel if you really had what you […]

Do you feel like a Special Person?

Do you feel like a special person?  
Do you feel like a special person? Someone who has unique gifts and is special to not just the world but to people around you?

I met with a new client last week.   For years she had been struggling with feeling ordinary but had a real desire to feel like a special person inside.

I […]