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Boost your self-esteem and build confidence through our proven coaching programs

With over 12 years of professional experience, Sydney life coach Lisa Phillips will inspire you to believe in yourself, let go of negative beliefs and create the life you have always desired! Amazing Coaching can help you in all areas of your life including:

  • Relationships
  • Wealth
  • Career
  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Confidence
  • Finding balance

If you’re looking to find a life coach- regardless of your reasons-  the team at Amazing Coaching will ensure that you unlock your full potential and become a more happy, positive and confident person.

Rebuild your life with coaching from the confidence building experts

There are many reasons people in Sydney want to hire a life coach. Nothing is ever too big or too small to seek the assistance of an empowering success coach to help you work through major changes or milestones. Amazing Coaching can help you if you:

  • Wish to gain insight on why your life may not be working out the way you planned/imagined
  • Need some assistance in breaking some old behaviour patterns
  • Feel successful in many ways but not really happy
  • Feeling overwhelmed, fearful or anxious
  • Know what you want to achieve but you are not sure how to get there
  • Lack confidence or self esteem
  • Just wish to have a more fun filled, peaceful and fulfilling life


A tailored approach to your self-confidence building journey


Lisa works in a very flexible way so you get the most from your personal life coaching sessions.   Offering an expert Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Sydney wide and other transformational techniques, we are able to assist with a variety of issues. Individuals can be coached in groups or individual face to face sessions at our centre in Sydney, or over the telephone.

Contact the team of expert life coaches at Amazing Coaching for the most transforming experience of your life!
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Please read the un-edited Client Testimonials to find out what others have to say about Life Coach Lisa! 

Amazing Coaching - 16/452 Edgecliff Road Edgecliff, NSW 2027 Australia 0413696820



"Since meeting you, I've ramped up my confidence which means I had a spurt of empowerment: I revamped my website, got some headshot, and met my angels.

Yesterday, I challenged the angels. I said, "you guys have been awesome, I challenge you to top yourselves... let's make today awesome!" and I got an email from a great company in Melbourne who, who are one of the top agents in the country. I'm going to meet them next week to talk about representation. BOOM!

Not to mention, my levels of happiness are about 100 per cent higher, as I told you, my boyfriend even thinks I'm drunk half the time cause I'm so happy.

And it's because of your support in opening up the inner happiness and confidence that was hiding, and shutting the door on doubt and negativity!"

- Tammy Jones 30

" I really am blown away by how direct and efficient your work is, and how much you were able to get right into it and start fixing stuff. I feel great already. I went home, did my actions steps and it felt really good! I am excited about this weekend and putting a few things into practise. I feel a lot has shifted already. "
- Amanda – TV Producer


" Amazing coaching, amazing advice and amazing woman ! I have always had my life together but never realised how much more potential I had until I met this incredible woman ! Lisa has changed my mindset, the way I evaluate situations and helped me focus more on me rather than continuously helping others. I thank Lisa for everything and look forward to further developing myself through the advice and wisdom Lisa has to offer ! Definitely the best investment I've made in recent times ! "
- Antoine


" When I came to Lisa I was unclear of my next steps, scared to make another bad choice I was treading water. Lisa helped me to understand why I was feeling this way and gave me the tools to realise what was important in my life. Since working with Lisa I have made considerable changes and I am now living life with purpose and direction ! "
- Jenny NSW


" If you are looking for a coach that takes a personal interest in you, is reliable, knowledgeable and has exceptional experience as a Life Coach then you need look no further than Lisa Phillips. She is an inspiration to not only myself but many others. Thanks Lisa."
- Nikki Cooper, Internet Success Coach


" Having studied coaching psychology at the post graduate level, I have met and worked with many coaches and I have to say that Lisa Phillips is up there with the best. Lisa combines technical knoweldge with incredible intuition and a passionate energy to bring instant results. After just two coaching sessions with Lisa, I made some incredible gains and clarity regarding my own career objectives, plus some great simple daily tools to use to keep me on track with achieving my goals. Lisa is warm, empathetic and very responsive and I would highly recoemmend her."
- Anna Lutkajtis


"Lisa has incredible interviewing skills.  She is an amazing and generous soul, with superb articulation and wit.  A consummate coaching professional, I love working with her on every and any level, and hope to have a long and endearing lifelong relationship.."
- Katrena Friel, Trainer and Coach


"Lisa Phillips is a speaker/consultant on the Voxy Lady books. In fact, I tracked Lisa down and asked her to join the bureau because she was recommended to me by one of the Directors of the Executive Assistant Network, which Voxy Lady is a sponsor of.  I’m glad I took the advice because Lisa has not only been a valued speaker on our books, she has been a personal mentor and friend to me. Three words to describe Lisa: Caring, Professional, Mentor."
- Deb Carr, Voxy Lady Women’s Speaker Bureau


"Lisa is an inspiration to all. She is so understanding and caring towards whatever problems you are going through and arms you with the skills to handling things on your own. 

Thanks to Lisa's motivation, dedication and belief in both herself and in you, I have come to  realise many things that others don't find until they are much much older. 

You have made me feel extremely proud of the journey of life I am undertaking and I hope to make you proud."
- Laura , 21


"When I first came to coaching with Lisa I was a mess with little clear direction. With Lisa's help and guidance I transformed my life and cleared out the stuff that no longer serves me and was holding me back. I am finally getting a grasp on who I really am and what I want from life and building my confidence all the time. Thanks Lisa.." 
- (RJ)


"I have had business coaching previously, but I found that, if anything, it put more pressure on me. Life Coaching with Lisa is completely different! It is opening up a whole new world to me and I can see that everything is falling into place easily and a lot of 'shoulds' are falling away.. and Im getting in touch with what I REALLY want."
- Betty


"I thought life coaching would be a slightly scary experience that would really push me out of my comfort zone.. Life Coaching with Lisa is so much fun and I'm finding I'm the one pushing forward saying 'more! more!'"
- Juliet


"I thought life coaching would be a slightly scary experience that would really push me out of my comfort zone.. Life Coaching with Lisa is so much fun and I'm finding I'm the one pushing forward saying 'more! more!'"
- Juliet


"You know what though Lisa? I finally get it!!! Omg it's like the "ah haa" moment I have been waiting for.. It's not so much what's happened to me, it's more what's happening IN me..
I have blamed circumstances outside of my control for why I'm different, men leave,just not the right guy bla bla and while some of that is partly true it's me that will change it. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making that clear I am so excited to know I will fix it and I am not broken or unlucky bla bla what rubbish!."


" I first met Lisa about 10 years ago when a dear mutual friend of both of ours convinced me to attend one of Lisa’s workshops.  Since this time, not only did this make such a difference to my life in terms of how to truly believe in myself and become a more confident person, but I have had the pleasure of watching Lisa herself grow and mould and mature into one of the most talented Life Coaches, Mentor’s and fabulous human beings that I have had the pleasure to meet.  Lisa truly operates from the heart and this is evident in any of the materials she has written and interactions I have ever had with her.  She believes in me and now so do I!."


"....I think the most important thing I have learnt from my coaching with Lisa, is that I'm an 'all right' person,... no actually I'm a fantastic person and I now believe in myself and my ability to do anything and everything I ever dreamed of."
- Lucy Bettinson


"Lisa draws on her own experiences to connect with me on levels not easily reached, teaching me how to live life with verve, passion and direction. I look forward to our sessions which are always injected with laughter, wisdom and love."
- Marie Cawood


"I am proud to admit that I benefit more than I ever thought I would from life coaching. When I first heard about life coaching I was extremely sceptical to say the least. Having gone to my first session with the recommended open mind I can honestly say that I was converted after just one hour. Lisa's session's have definitely helped me with dealing with the things that normal everyday life throws us at us. Whether it be just a neutral pair of non biased ears or someone to provide straightforward no nonsense exercises for the challenges of dealing with everyday living, I could whole heartedly recommend Lisa's life coaching session to any one."
- Victoria ( Sydney)


"Life coaching was the best investment I ever made. Within a few months, I had changed my career, my income had increased by over 30% and I had far more confidence in myself. Everyone noticed the difference! I now truly now believe in myself and am excited about what the future holds for me!"
- Rob


"A wonderful day encouraging you to get in touch with your inner self . An informative, fun, interactive and enriching experience delivered with
- Carol


"The Goddess workshop has awakened my heart ministries and lifted my consciousness to enhance a deeper sense of peace, love, and abundance within me." THANK YOU
- Hanna Deuk



"When I was first introduced to Lisa for Coaching I was lacking in confidence and was depressed after some big life events. After only the first session with Lisa, I could tell this was right for me, and started to pick up immediately. Lisa listens, has a very comforting way in words and gets right in there to find the route of the problem and work with it with loads of advice, tips, back up information and coaching articles, perhaps some homework, which I find is essential to really listen to Lisa and think about what she has said to you, find or make the time to do the reading, thinking, writing, relaxing or whatever is advised. But above all feeling happy about the process of what you are doing with Lisa, to find amazing results. Lisa has a happy, cheerful humorous demeanour that is infectious, and I am ever so grateful to have met this lady. Australia is one lucky country that Lisa has come to help so many here, pick up & change their lives for the better where there are problems before or businesses in need of coaching. Thank you Lisa, love your Amazing Coaching and support for improving myself.
- Julie (NSW)


"Lisa's skills and professionalism shine through in her work and her passion and enthusiasm for Life Coaching is evident. After spending time with Lisa you can't help but be inspired and motivated to identify your goals and work towards them."
- Veronica Phillips


"Call it coincidence but I'm still enjoying the company of a young man who noticed by inner Goddess the week after this workshop."
- Athena


"After finishing the most exciting, mind opening, challenging and at times upsetting sessions, I had learnt an enormous amount about myself.  I hadn’t realised how of track my life had been in previous years.  I can now say with enormous thanks to Lisa that my life has changed in ways I could have never imagined."
- Rosemary


"Lisa’s approach is not just consultative and understanding, but immensely gentle, open, caring and loving. I was able to talk with Lisa about things I had never been able to discuss with anyone before. My heartfelt thanks to you Lisa, are a one of the most amazing and inspiring people to have entered my life."
- Amanda


"It’s strange but true, but not to be judged on previous actions and behaviours was one of the most refreshing and vulnerable experiences, something everyone should have a taste of.  The tools and techniques that Lisa uses, can do nothing but help you grow and believe in the wonderful being you are and can continue being."

"Among other things, two divorces in six months, a sister dying of cancer, major business problems,  I wasn’t functioning very well. Lisa’s coaching has really helped me learn to deal with the challenges that the universe has given me and to feel pretty good even when things aren’t working the way I wanted. I was looking for a life coach that is open minded and understanding of my unusual lifestyle and Lisa has proven herself unshockable. I have recommended Lisa to several friends that are facing significant emotional issues and if you are looking for someone that will take a genuine interest and provide lots of warm loving support along with being firm when needed, then you will be very happy with Lisa.”


"Lisa really supported me in learning to care, respect, nurture and love myself and provided me with the tools to move forward towards my goals.

She made me aware of the beliefs which were keeping me stuck and we worked together on replacing those beliefs with more empowering ones, which served and benefited me in reaching my goals. Lisa was a blessing in disguise and my life has completely changed due to my coaching sessions with her.

I am truly blessed to have met her and am grateful for all the inspiration she has and continues to bring into to my life. "


"Lisa is the next Anthony Robbins! Lisa has a talent for helping people look within themselves and be the best they can be. Because of her I dug out things in my life which I thought were best locked up in the back of my head. Now I am able to face my fears and deal with the issue at hand and move on when I choose to. Because of Lisa, I am more confident, my self awareness is much greater than it was and I have moved for ward in my life and done things I thought I couldn’t do."

- Jean


"Since doing your workshop my life has changed for the better in only a few weeks. You are such an inspiring lady who motivates people and are so positive, supportive and encouraging to make changes. I honestly feel many people can benefit for the better with your work. I will and already have recommended you. It’s not even a month since the workshop and already fabulous changes are happening to me and my life is changing for the better "



"I spent a wonderful afternoon with Lisa and I was very nervous about a recent promotion at work and also as I was part time the squabble to get a decent pay rise. I am now loving my new role and have accepted it with the confidence I knew I had deep inside. My pay rise exceeded my expectations, nothing short of what I deserve. I have also lost nearly a stone since my afternoon, simply by thinking " Will this help me reach my goal " and by using my new CAN do attitude rather than my I'd like to attitude."

- Alison


"Lisa you are just inspirational! I have gone from feeling that I was unworthy, anxious and always about what other people thought of me to now feeling so comfortable with myself. I no longer seek approval from other people as I totally approve of myself! "

- Susan

Lisa on 0413 696820
Sydney, Australia 2010


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